Seville Neighbourhoods and Real Estate

Among the famous Seville Neighborhoods are Casco Antiguo, Distrito Sur, Macarena, and Nervión. Casco Antiguo is a major night life and shopping center and the old quarter of the city, where the main tourist attractions are located (Palace of San Telmo, Town Hall, and others). If you are looking for Seville condos in this area, you have plenty of offers to choose from. You can opt for a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom studio of 31 sq. meters priced at €105,000. You will get an apartment in an urban area, close to transport links and schools and in excellent condition. Apartments like this are featured with heat insulation, an open plan kitchen, air conditioning, and telephone connection. They are suitable for persons with limited mobility. For the same price, you can get a studio of 30 sq. meters, with 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, and an open plan kitchen. A fully furnished apartment like this is offered with air conditioning, built in wardrobes, and telephone connection. Another option is to buy a fully furnished studio of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with an area of 40 sq. meters. This will cost you €100,000. It is in good condition and featured with a kitchenette, a balcony, telephone connection, and air conditioning. The studio is found near schools and transport links (bus, train). If you want to buy something more spacious, you can get a loft of 56 sq. meters, with 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom, and a kitchenette. It is offered with built in wardrobes, safety door, and telephone connection.

Another residential quarter to look for Seville real estate for sale is Cerro – Amate. There are many attractions in this area, including the Amate Sports Center and Amate Park. Here, you can get a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment of 80 sq. meters for the price of €89,000. You can expect to buy an apartment in good condition, with a kitchen of 4 sq. meters and a balcony of 4 sq. meters. The apartment is featured with a lift, built in wardrobes, air conditioning and safety door. For the price of €67,000, you can find a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment of 74 sq. meters, found in an area with parks and a children’s play area. The apartment includes a covered main balcony, a terrace, and a separate kitchen. It benefits from air conditioning, safety door, and a utility room. The apartment is found in an urban area, and there are convenient transport links (bus, train subway).

If you prefer to shop around for Seville properties some more, you can look for apartments in Macarena. Here, you can buy a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment of 55 sq. meters for €110,000. An apartment like this is fully furnished and in excellent condition and includes a bright terrace, a covered main balcony, and a separate kitchen. It is offered with air conditioning, telephone connection, and built in wardrobes. The property is found near transport links (train, bus) and near schools.

Triana is a district that boasts many historical buildings such as the remains of San Jorge Castle and the Santa Ana Church. Here, you can find a spacious 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment of 82 sq. meters for the price of €130,000. The apartment is in good condition and offered with air conditioning and a utility room. Los Remedios is yet another residential area to look for real estate, with plenty of attractions such as the Cuba Square and Los Remedios’ Tower. In this area, you can buy a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment of 70 sq. meters for €157,000. You will get an apartment in good condition, offered with a balcony, a terrace, telephone connection, air conditioning, and other amenities.