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The most important part about visiting Verona is choosing the right hotel to stay. No matter how good a city may be, if you don't get to stay in a comfortable place then the trip would become the worst one of all. Many people visit Verona for various reasons. Here is an overview of different types of hotels in Verona with some of the best below.

Verona Airport Hotels:

There are many hotels near Verona Airport; here you can find few of them which are less than 10km from Verona Airport.
• Hotel Antares: This hotel is located just few kilometers from the Verona Airport. You'll find comfortable accommodation with all kinds of resources required.
• Airport hotel Verona: This hotel is located within the Airport Business Center, if you are going to Verona for business reasons then this hotel might be the best choice for you, you can also read the reviews of this hotel from other people in the internet.
• Hotel Montemezzi: This hotel is fairly new and is modern; it is not close to Verona but is one of the best hotels there is.
• Euromotel Croce Bianca: Its very near to city center, you will have great experience with this one. The price is also very low compared to the other hotels.
• Hotel West Point: This is a fairly new 4 star hotel opened in June 2006, you’ll find the rooms here to be very comfortable with all resources required.
• Tower Montresor Hotel: You could find this hotel around 10km from Verona and Garda Lake. It is a 4 star high quality hotel for a very low price.
• Hotel Leopardi: It is near the ancient city of Verona. All the 81 rooms present in the hotel were renovated recently, so you could expect a nice comfortable experience in this hotel.
• Best Western Hotel Antico Termine: It has a modern building and is a 4 star quality hotel. This hotel is close to Verona Airport with a free shuttle bus.
• Palace Montresor Hotel: For people who want to explore all the arts and monuments of the city, this is the perfect hotel. You can also read more reviews of this hotel from internet.
• Hotel San Pietro: It is located very near the city center and the transportation facility is quite good near this hotel, one of the best hotels there is in the city of Verona.

Downtown Verona Hotels:

If you are planning to stay near Downtown Verona area then two hotels which are fairly best are recommended here.
• Fairfield Inn & Suites By Marriott Verona: It might be a little expensive compared to the other hotels but still it is quite good in its service and the resources provided, You will be very pleased with the stay here in this hotel.
• Microtel Inn and Suites Verona: It is fairly cheap compared to the other hotels and still provides one of the best services of all the hotels in the city of Verona.

Verona Cheap City Motels:

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Verona city then here are some which provide good service with good atmosphere.
• Hotel Cristallo: It is a 4 star quality hotel with fairy cheap rates; you will surely enjoy the stay here.
• Hotel Moro Freoni: This is another hotel which is recommended mainly for cheap rates, you can also search the internet to look for more hotels or city short term rentals or city accommodation and to compare the prices of different hotels and choose the one that best suits you.