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The construction of Madrid’s massive, Almudena Cathedral began in 1883, but due to delays stemming from the Spanish Civil War, political squabbles and design changes, it was not completed until 1993 when the Pope John-Paul II blessed it. The cathedral began construction in a neo-gothic style designed by architect Francisco de Cubas and was later changed to a neo-classical style in the 1940s by Fernando Chueca Goitia, to blend in with the classical style of the adjacent Palacio Real.

Historical Site - Like many European churches, the Almudena Cathedral sits on a site formerly occupied by ancient religious houses of worship. An ancient Arab mosque and a church named, Santa María de la Almudena were once located there. King Philip II had ambitious plans for a new cathedral at this site in the 16th century, but it took until 1883 before his project was realized. The Almudena Cathedral was named for Madrid’s patron saint, Virgin Almudena.

Cathedral Interior - In contrast to the blend of the classical and gothic styles of the exterior, the interior is primarily modern, with bright “pop art” stained glass windows. The height and scope of the Cathedral remains gothic in style, with its soaring ceilings and massive, 104 meters long and 76 meters wide footprint. The Romanesque crypt, built in the 19th century, is the oldest section of the Cathedral and features an image of the Virgin Almudena from the 16th century. Visitors can go to a rooftop terrace for a magnificent view of the city below.

The Almudena Cathedral hosted the royal wedding of Prince Felipe and Doña Letizia in 2004, to much fanfare. Visitors can walk the massive aisles of the Cathedral for a sense of the royal pomp and spectacle that recently took place inside .
Almudena Cathedral Madrid
Where is Almudena Cathedral: Calle de Bailén 8-10

How to get to Almudena Cathedral: By Subway to Opera station, Line 2,5

Opening Hours: Daily from 9AM to 9PM

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