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Palazzo Pitti was the main residence for Florence’s rulers for many years. It was built for Luca Pitti who was determined to outshine the Medici family and in 1457 Bruneleschi was commissioned to expand the mansion into this grand Palace. Ironically after Luca Pittis’s death the Medici family purchased the mansion from his heirs (the building expenses led them to bankruptcy) and subsequently Pittis Palace became their permanent residence.

Today Palazzo Pitti is open to the public and the visitors can enjoy the art exhibits and the many precious objects from the Medici collections as well as enjoy the lavishly decorated rooms.

The Palatine Gallery (Galleria Palatina) is the heart of the museum in Palazzo Pitti. It contains masterpiece from Italy’s finest artists such as Tintoretto, Veronese, Botticeli, Titian and many more. The Royal Apartments (Apartamenti Reali) are situated on the first floor of the south wing of the palace and were built in the 17th century. They are lavishly decorated with frescoes, tapestries, gold stuccoed ceilings. The Silverware Museum has an intriguing collection of glassware, carpets, silverware and amber. Also Galleria del Costume has an interesting collection of clothes and reflects on how the fashion changed from the late 18th to the early 20th century.

The Boboli Gardens are a perfect example of a Renaissance Garden. The many statues that adorn the gardens make them even more beautiful.
Palazzo Pitti Florence
Where is Palazzo Pitti: Piazza de Pitti

Opening hours: Daily except Monday from 8:15AM to 6:50PM

Palazzo Pitti Boboli Gardens Florence
Palazzo Pitti - Boboli Gardens, Florence

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