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Basilica di San Marco (St Mark's Basilica) located on Piazza San Marco and is a fine example of Byzantine architecture. The Basilica that we know today is the third building on this site. The first one was built in AD 832.

The present Basilica was consecrated in 1063 and was remodeled during the centuries. The basilica has 5 enormous domes and is lavishly decorated both from inside and from outside. The decorations include Mosaics about St Mark relics’ stories, central doorway carvings, façade mosaics, Baptistry mosaics. The remains of St Mark’s body are kept in the altar of St Mark's Basilica. The statues of St Mark and the angels adorn the central arch.

The famous Four Horses of Saint Mark were installed on the basilica around 1254 but today we see replicas of the bronze horses. The original horses are now kept inside. The Four Tetrarchs is another famous sculpture brought from Constantinople, during the Fourth Crusade in 1204. It is thought that the four figures represent Diocletian, Maximilian, Valerian and Constance – the four tetrarchs who helped Diocletian to rule the Roman Empire.

Inside Basilica San Marco is decorated with marble, fabulous mosaics and amazing carvings. The central dome – the Ascension Dome depicts Christ in a 13-th century mosaic influenced by the Byzantine art. The altarpiece – Pala d’Oro is made by 250 gold panels adorned with precious stones. This masterpiece was created in the 10th century. Mosaics cover the walls and the floor of the Basilica and the earliest one dates back from the 12 century. The mosaics were made of marble, porphyry and glass and create colorful patterns and beautiful allegorical scenes.

On the second floor of the Basilica is the church’s Museum – Museo Marciano. The gallery rewards with a splendid view of the basilica, and on the outside with a view of St Marc's Square.

The treasury has a precious collection of Byzantine Art. One of the most valuable objects is the gold icon of Archangel Michael from the 11th century.
Basilica di San Marco Venice Italy
Where is Basilica di San Marco: Piazza San Marco, San Marco district

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – 9:30AM to 5PM; Sunday 2PM to 4PM

How to get to Basilica San Marco: By vaporetto- San Marco stop

Four Horses of Saint Mark Venice Italy
Basilica di San Marco Venice Italy
Basilica San Marco and the Doge's Palace, Piazza San Marco, Venice
Basilica di San Marco Venice Italy

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