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Trafalgar Square is one of the largest in London and was constructed mostly in 1830 by John Nash. At the centre of the square a column was erected to commemorate Admiral Nelson who died in 1805 at the victorious battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon. The column is 50m high. The four lions by Edwin Landseer were added later.

The National Gallery is on the North side of the square. It was built in the early 19-th century. King George IV persuaded the government to buy 38 paintings including works of Rembrandt and Raphael. This is how the national collection was conceived. It grew with the years and now houses world famous paintings from different periods – Early and High Renaissance, Dutch, Italian, French and English Painters. Leonardo da Vinci, Velazquez, Degas, Rembrandt, Seurat, Van Gogh, Raphael are just some of the artists you will be able to see when you visit the gallery. The famous “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh are on display here and paintings from Britain’s favourite painters John Constable and Turner. The National Gallery, British Museum as well as many other museums are free of charge.

On the west side the square is the bordered by Canada house and South Africa house on the east. The restored Grand Hotel is on the south side of the square.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields church was on this site since the 13-th century but the current building was designed and completed in 1726 by James Gibbs. St. Martin-in-the-Fields design became a model for the Colonial style church in US.

Admiralty Arch is a triple Archway designed in 1911. It is on the east end of The Mall – the great procession route honouring Queen Victoria. Only the two side gates are open for traffic. The central gate is opened for royal processions only.

How to get to Trafalgar Square: Subway - Bakerloo, Northern line to Charing Cross station.

National Gallery Trafalgar Square London
National Gallery Trafalgar Square London

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Trafalgar Square London
St. Martin-in-the-Fields Trafalgar Square London
Admiral Nelsons column, Trafalgar Square London
Admiral Nelson's column, Trafalgar Square, London

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