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The Rembrandtplein or Rembrandt Square is a lively area located at the former site of a 17th center dairy market, known as Botermarkt or Butter Market. This square has come a long way since local residents strolled the muddy square in search of fresh churned butter and other diversions. Today it's lined with numerous hotels, exotic dance clubs, gay bars, historic brasseries and a famous Art Deco cinema.

The Rembrandt Statue - An imposing cast iron statue of Rembrandt was placed in a lovely patch of greenery in 1852 and the square was accordingly renamed the Rembrandtplein. The statue was designed by sculptor Louis Royer, capturing the famous artist in a relaxed pose. Many young people use the green space surrounding the statue for sunbathing and picnics during the warmer months.

Famous Cafes - A few historic cafes wait like hidden jewels to be discovered amidst the seedier establishments lining the bustling square. The Cafe Schiller and next-door brasserie offer visitors a lively Art Deco bar scene and International cuisine. This early twentieth century Art Nouveau building with stained glass skylights and a glassed enclosed sidewalk terrace, has hardly changed since it opened and became a favorite of writers, artists and expatriates in the 1920s.

The Royal Cafe De Kroon sits across the street from the Cafe Schiller, offering a 19th century neo-classical ambience with an updated modern decor. The upstairs balcony with its glass walls offers an amazing view of the Rembrandtplein below. Enjoy a cocktail and a snack to take in the atmosphere with techno music playing in the background, and return for breakfast to watch the late night revelers straggling back to their hotels.

Grand Art Deco Cinema - A visit to the over-the-top Art Deco Cinema Tuschinski should be on every Amsterdam visitor's to do list. Architect Hijman Louis de Jong designed the opulent building for Poland immigrant, Abraham Icek Tuschinski who arrived in the Netherlands with big dreams to build grand cinemas for the film loving public. The cinema opened in 1921; beckoning customers inside with its outlandishly decorated exterior that includes, twin towers, colorful glazed tiles and a massive arched entry.

The interior was recently revamped and modernized: adding additional screens, but retaining the former early twentieth century Art Nouveau glory. The grand balconies, yellow Art Deco lamps and the famous private "love suites" remain for guests to enjoy. Patrons can watch a newly released film in opulent elegance, sipping a glass of wine in a setting reminiscent of a more refined and bygone era.

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