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The Stadhuis-Muziektheater complex, referred to as Stopera, is a modern glass building on the bank of the Amstel River near the Waterlooplein market, which houses the City Hall and a renowned opera house. Completed in 1988, the Stopera took over two decades and two different architects to finish.

Local residents protested, violently at times, to stop the construction of a modern building in a district populated with historic structures. Many medieval buildings were demolished to make way for the new Stadhuis-Muziektheater center. Years later however, the Stopera is hailed as the cultural heart of Amsterdam.

The Architecture - The modern design of the Stopera was first conceived by Viennese architect Wilhelm Holzbauer, and completed by Cees Dam. The building is a massive curved block with a glass exterior and a distinctive russet colored roof. The interior features high spacious foyers with stunning views of the Amstel River and the famous Skinny Bridge. The 1,600-seat auditorium is decorated with glazed bricks and gold mosaic tiles.

The Performances - The Opera Company performs nearly a dozen operas every year and has appeared at the Metropolitan Opera House and Australia’s Adelaide Festival. The National Ballet Company performs classics, such as Giselle and Don Giovanni as well as modern dance pieces.

Guided tours are available of the theatre that includes a backstage view of the elaborate costumes, stage props and theatre machinery. Every Tuesday from October through June, free lunch time concerts are offered in the Stopera’s Boekmanzaal room. The free performances are a perfect venue to introduce the highly regarded opera and ballet performers to Amsterdam’s residents.

Where is Stopera: Waterlooplein 22

How to get to Stopera: Subway to Waterlooplein Station

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I stayed for a day in Amsterdam came there in the rnomig and left in the evening. We had canal cruise and that was great, really great :). And then we spend some time in the diamonds museum and later just walked through the old town to see what these red lights look like and stuff. :) I can say that this diamonds museum was NOTHING interesting, really nothing :). But i guess there are other better, but in my opinion it's better to spend this time in the city itself, not in museum, if, of course, you aren't a real muesum-lover :)