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On any given day, especially during the warmer months, crowds of locals and tourists frequent the Vondelpark’s beautiful grassy parklands, ponds and bicycle paths. Stretching from the Leidseplein to the Amstelveensewe, Vondelpark offers a quiet respite from Amsterdam’s busy urban center. Visitors can also view an avant-garde film at the popular Film Museum housed in a restored 19th century villa, or enjoy a free concert at the Open Air Theatre during the summer.

Vondelpark History - The park was first created on 22 hectares of open space in 1865, designed by architect L.D. Zocher as a park for pleasant 19th century strolls and horseback riding. The park was later expanded to 45 hectares in 1867 and renamed to Vondelpark to honor beloved Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel, complete with a statue in his image.

Joost van den Vondel was a popular 17th century lyrical poet and playwright, best known for his epic poem, “Lucifer” that is said to have influenced Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” Vondel was the national poet for Holland.

Park Attractions - Besides the lovely landscaped, English style parklands, visitors can also enjoy free concerts during the summer months in the Open Air Theatre. Concerts range from classical to modern and even include children’s performances in the afternoons. Vondelpark offers plenty of kid friendly features with no less than six different playgrounds.

The Film Museum serves as a national archive for over 35,000 films ranging from the classical to art-house features. The museum has exhibits spanning the complete history of cinematography from the 1800s to the present. Screenings from the vast film collection are offered daily. Open-air screenings are offered during the summer with seating on the museum’s beautiful terrace.

The museum has a popular café named the Vertigo, an ode to the Hitchcock film of the same name, which offers fine, candlelit dining inside and casual meals on the outside terrace. During sunny days, the Vertigo’s terrace is packed with rollerbladers and bicyclists enjoying a coffee or a beer.

Where is Vondelpark: Stadhouderskade

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