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The 18th century De Gooyer windmill, or Funenmolen as itís sometimes called, stands majestically outside Amsterdamís center on the Funenkade, a lovely old harbor district. One of only a handful of windmills remaining in and around Amsterdam, the De Gooyerís massive blades spanning 26.6 meters, still sail with the wind delighting tourists. Originally used to grind corn, the De Gooyer now serves as a tourist attraction and as the backdrop for a popular brewpub.

Built in 1725 in the Oranje Nassau Kazerne district, the De Gooyer windmill was moved in pieces in 1814 to its present location in Amsterdam, because barracks built in 1811 blocked the necessary wind. The windmill continued to grind corn until it was purchased and restored by the city in 1929. The blades of the windmill were destroyed by a storm in 1972 and were later replaced in 1976.

The Dutch are committed to restoring the remaining windmills in the Netherlands. Over 10,000 windmills once dotted the Dutch landscape, but now only 1,000 remain. With the advent of steam power and electricity, windmills were no longer needed to harness the power of the wind.

Popular Brewpub - The Brouwerij tí IJ, a popular brewpub, now sits at the base of the De Gooyer windmill serving fine bodied microbrews to locals and tourists. The brewery offers tours of its beer making facilities in a former bathhouse. The pub serves, among other brews, the popular Columbus, a strong wheat beer with a whopping 10% alcohol content. The Brouwerij tí IJ has a lovely terrace that is crowded in the summer with customers enjoying the beer and the historic backdrop of the De Gooyer windmill along the water.

Where is De Gooyer Windmill: Nieuwevaart Canal, Funenkade 5

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