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The Anne Frank Museum is located at the original dwelling place of the Frank's family (Anne Frank House). Situated at Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, the building was restored in 1993 to accommodate the growing flow of visitors. The tour starts at a narrow staircase that leads to the first floor. This area hosted the offices of Anne's father, Otto Frank. The floor was detached from the Secrete Annexe, the hiding place of the family and their friends, the Van Pel's. However, the small group would occasionally sneak downstairs at night and listen to the broadcasts from England. The second floor contained the bedrooms of the Frank's family. The visitor will notice that the room of Anne Frank is just like the room of any other young girl: photos, clippings, and portraits of celebrities decorate its walls. The route leads past the bookcase that had covered the entrance to the Secret Annexe. The next floor contained the kitchen and the bedrooms of the Van Pel's family. The visitor walks past them into a small exhibition at the attic space.

The exhibit contains artifacts and valuables of the Frank's family. It provides information about the life of Anne Frank, the Second World War and the Nazi atrocities. Copies of the Anne Frank's book are displayed in various languages. Her original diary can be seen in a display case. The small booklet is open to pages from the autumn of 1942. They contain a photograph of Otto Frank and several small photos of Anne herself. The exhibit shows movies on the Nazi occupation. The visitor can watch a documentary in which Otto Frank expresses his amazement with the depth of feelings flowing from the pages of Anne's diary.

The Anne Frank Museum draws almost a million visitors each year. Due to long queues, you are advised to purchase your tickets online. You can visit the museum's delightful cafe and spacious gift shop.

Where is Anne Frank House: Prinsengracht 263

Opening Hours: Daily from 9AM to 7PM

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