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Trajanís Markets were built around AD 100-112 by Emperor Trajan. The architect, Apollodorus of Damascus, designed a complex of 150 shops and offices. Trajanís markets were ancient Rome, Shopping mall. The market is considered an architectural wonder of the ancient world. Everything could be found there Ė spices, flowers, jewels, wool, corn, fish, wine, fruits, vegetables and silk. The main hall had 12 shops on two floors where the corn dole was kept.

On the top of the Trajanís Markets building Torre delle Milizie was built later for defensive purposes. It is a massive brick tower built in the 13 century. In AD 107-113 The Forum of Trajan was built in front of the Trajanís Markets but most of it is still buried under present Romeís streets.

Where are the Trajanís Markets: Short walk from Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum.

How to get to the Trajanís Markets: By bus 64 and 70 to Via IV Novembre.

Opening hours: 9:00 am Ė 4:30 pm; during the summer till 6:30pm
Trajans Markets Rome
Trajanís Markets, Rome

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Marcos says:
Hey, uhmmm i am learning about this in school and i juss wanted to say this is awesome that you guys have these pics up thanks now i have completed my project.

Hank Curci says:
Would like to see inside of Trajan's Market where the actual shops were and an artist rendition of goods in the various shops. What was the money used to buy things..picture of money/coins Thank you, Hank

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