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Munich is one of Germany's most important industrial cities and the cradle of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which is more popular as BMW. The BMW museum and headquarters is located near the Olympic park in Munich, which makes it particularly comfortable for tourist visits.

The origins of BMW go back to 1913, when the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG was first founded. Believe it or not, the first thing that BMW started producing were airplane engines, followed by the production of motorbikes which, by the way, are still used by the police forces of many countries around the world. The first car came out of the company's hangars as late as 1928. The production of BMWs was temporarily discontinued after WWII and renewed in 1950. Today, BMW has focused mainly on the production of sports and luxury cars.

Undeniably, Germany's BMW is one of the most respected and popular carmakers in the world. In support of this statement, here is a quote of the company's latest report, reading that BMW's sales are expected to rise by 1.4 million automobiles by the end of 2010. Rather than looking at the company’s financial forecasts, the BMW Museum takes visitors on a tour and shows them where the powerful and stylish car is made.

If you take a tour around Munich, you cannot miss the famous "four-cylinder" BMW tower and the adjacent auto museum, designed in the shape of a giant bowl. As you may rightfully predict, the BMW museum shows the different stages of the carmaker's technical development, along with important milestones and artifacts of the company's history. You can feast your eyes on dozens of vintage BMW models placed on the spiral ramp curling around the bowl-shaped main hall.

Some of the most notable exhibits include the revolutionary Dixie model of 1928 and the pioneering speedster BMW 328, mostly known for the historic victory of Italy's One Thousand Miles Race. High-tech fans may see the latest BMW F1 prototype and the luxurious BMW 850. The museum is thematically divided into seven different exhibition houses: the House of Design, where the visitors get acquainted with the BMW specific design; the House of Motorcycles, in which visitors can see different models of motorbikes; House of the Company; House of Technology, where visitors can explore the famous BMW engines and trace their evolution; House of the Brand, where visitors can learn more about the history of the BMW brand; House of Motor Sports, featuring the evolution of the BMW sports cars; and, finally, House of the Series, featuring models in serial production.

The BMW Tower hosts the company's administrative building. It was designed by the Austrian architect Karl Schwarzer to resemble a four-cylinder engine, and its construction was completed in 1972.

Where is BMW Museum: Petuelring 130

How to get to BMW Museum: U-bahn U3: Olympiazentrum
BMW Headquarters and Museum
BMW Headquarters

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