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English Garden (Englischer Garten) is located in the heart of Munich and is the largest city owned park in Europe. It is a perfect place for relaxation, soccer and sunbathing (clothing is optional here). You can practice your surfers’ skills on Isar River, enjoy the wide lawns and take a boat ride at the Seehaus. The English garden is larger than New York’s Central Park and is more peaceful.

Originally the park was a game and hunting park for the royalties but all changed in 1789 when the Wittelsbach family faced an overthrow. Due to poor wheat harvest and gross mismanagement the population were facing starvation and the king Karl Theodor seek help from the American Benjamin Thompson who had an interesting proposal - He convinced the king to develop part of his real estate into a public park which is now known as the Englischer Garten. In 1792 Munich opened the doors of the three mile long public park bordered on one side with the Isar River.

The four beergardens in the park are - Chinesischer Turm (Chinese tower), Seehaus, Osterwald garten, Hirschau.

Chinesischer Turm (Chinese tower)- Is the second largest beer garden in Munich. The Chinese pagoda was built in 1790 and was destroyed during the World War II. It was later rebuild to its original design like almost all the buildings in Munich. The pagoda is also a stage for brass bands during the weekends. The beergarden has 7000 seats.

Seehaus – is on the banks of Kleinhesselohe See (lake). The building was an inn back in the 1791 and later in 1811 started to brew beer and serve it to its patrons. In 1882 a boat house was build and today you can rent a pedal boat and enjoy a peaceful ride in Kleinhesselohe See. Seehaus has a 2500 seating capacity and a restaurant.

Hirschau – has a long 150 years history but was nearly extinct when a few years ago new management took over and rebuilds its reputation as a very desirable place to visit. It has 2000 seats and 300 in the restaurant.

Osterwald Garden is relatively small compared to the three other beergardens in the English Garden. It has 350 seats but a feel of a “neighborhood beer garden”.

How to get to English Garden: (U-bahn) 6 or 3 to Munchner Freiheit

English Garden Seehaus Munich
English Garden, Seehaus, Munich

English Garden Chinese Tower Munich
English Garden, Chinese Tower, Munich

English garden-Chinese Tower Munich
English garden-Chinese Tower

Isar river surfing Munich
Isar River surfing - A popular spot for the Munich’s surfers this has also become a tourist attraction.

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bibi says:
If you visit Munich English Garden is a must see. The beer gardens are full of people and the park is a nice place to relax. Visit the Seehouse and go for a ride on a boat in the lake! Definitely recommend it!

a babe says:
I agree with the previous poster. Check out the surfers!