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The Viktualienmarkt or the victual market is an old marketplace in Munich, Bavaria, constructed in 1807 with the decree of Emperor Maximilian I.

It was built to replace the smaller market that served the city functioning as a farmer's market for ordinary food supplies to the people of Munich. Nowadays, Viktualienmarket has become a famous market for gourmets, offering loads of different product selections.

A Short History
Serving as an activity center of the city, Marienplatz nestled the small central market until the 19th century when Munich grew to bigger proportions. A larger market was required to serve the needs of the city’s growing population. Since more people meant more food, the king decided to move the market to the southeast, making it larger.

With the king's decree, the charitable Heiliggeist hospice was torn down to open space for the new construction. The marketplace was first called Marktplatz and later renamed to Viktualienmarkt. The word actually stands for food market (victual=food).

In 1823, the marketplace needed further expansion. With the passing of decades, more halls were added to the venue, with pavilions for meat, fish, flowers, and other items in separate locations on the market.

The market was seriously damaged during the Second World War. When the war ended, the city authorities voted on the market reconstruction, with the other option being its demolition. Fountains and other new elements were introduced to make the area look more appealing.

Viktualienmarkt Today
Locals crowd in Viktualienmarkt for its culinary wonders and gourmets. It now boasts 140 stalls and shops, offering a large variety of products: vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, flowers, and other products and goods. Ever since its construction in 1807, Viktualienmarkt was growing to expand to over 5.5 acre area available to marketers.

The marketplace is also a favorite site on which festivals, traditional events, and other activities are held. Some of the activities taking place on the market include the dance of the market women, held on Shrove Tuesday, Brewer's day, the Summer Festival, asparagus season opening, and many more. With its pedestrian zone, opened in 1975, the market is also a place to socialize and chill out.

Stalls and shops at the Viktualienmarkt are usually open from 8 am to 8 pm. Some stalls close at 6 pm. However, certain shops, restaurants, and bakeries have special opening hours.

Viktualienmarkt - Munich central market

Where is Viktualienmarkt: Petersplatz and Frauenstrasse

How to get to Viktualienmarkt: U-bahn and S-bahn U3,U6,S1-8: Marienplatz

Viktualienmarkt Munich
Viktualienmarkt - Munich central market
Viktualienmarkt - the popular meat pavilions and bakeries with Peterskirche in the background

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