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La Défense and the La Grande Arche is where the newest buildings in Paris were developed. The business district was created in the 1960s to accumulate the offices of major companies.

La Defense is the skyscraper district although the buildings are not that high – the tallest tower is 200 meters.

La Grande Arche (Grand Arch) was built in 1989 by initiation of then French president Mitterand and was designed by Otto van Spreckelsen (Danish architect). The idea behind the building of La Grande Arche was to create an axis of the Triumphal Arch and to design more modern Arch.

La Grande Arche is a hollow cube and is 106 meters tall and houses offices, conference center and exhibition gallery.

Where is La Défense: Place de la Défense

How to get to La Défense: By metro line 1 and RER-A to La Défense station

Opening Hours: Daily April to September from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
La Defense La Grande Arche Paris
Place La Defense Paris Defense Square
Place La Defense Paris, Defense Square

La Defense Paris
La Defense skyscrapers, Paris

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