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Sacré Coeur (Sacred heart) located on top of the Montmartre hill is one of the most visited churches in Paris.

Montmartre is the artistic neighborhood of Paris. Most of the people who live here are artists, poets and writers. The Salvador Dali museum is located on Rue Poublot 11 and is worth a visit if you are an art lover. If you don't want to climb the steep hill to get to Sacré Coeur you can use the funicular - a very convenient way to get up there fast.

The story behind the building of Sacré Coeur is simple. Two businessmen decided to build a church in Paris if the war between France and Prussia ended without invasion of Paris. And so in 1875 Paul Abadie started to work on Sacré Coeur design. He was inspired by the Byzantine architecture and the white stone basilica was finally completed in 1914.

The façade of Sacré Coeur is adorned with statues of Joan of Arc and Saint Louis both designed by H Lefebvre. The central statue of Christ is placed above the two saints. The dome is the second highest point in Paris after the Eiffel Tower and has spiral staircase to the top. The bell tower contains one of the heaviest bells in the world – 18.5 tons.
Sacré-Coeur offers a spectacular views of Paris.

Where is Sacré Coeur: 35, Rue Chevalier de La Barre, Montmartre, arrondissement 18

How to get to Sacré Coeur: By Metro line 12 to Abbesses station or line 2 to Anvers station.

Opening Hours: Daily from 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Dome and Crypt: Daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sacre Coeur Paris

Sacre Coeur Paris

Montmartre Sacre Coeur Paris
Montmartre with Sacre Coeur in the background, Paris

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cathy says:
i was told to leave as i was wearing a singlet top with my jeans, man yelled at me "jacket" i guess that means you need to have covered shoulders. i was very disappointed not to have known this restriction. As it was a very hot day, but i could have taken a light sleeved top with me if i had known.

THD says:
Yeaa, you have to be dressed properly to get in to the basillica. Even thoug this is a tourist location, keep in mind that this is still a CHURCH... so you must be drest modestly to obtain admission.

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oh what a wonderful site! as an old lady myself, i must say it was quite a pleasant place for me to relax