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Assemblee Nationale Palais Bourbon is today a home of the lower house of the French Parliament (Assemblee Nationale). Bourbon Palace (Palais Bourbon) was built in 1722 for the daughter of the sun King Louis XIV, the Duchesse de Bourbon.

In 1806 Corinthian columns were added to the façade to copy the La Madeleine building on the opposite end of the boulevard across the river Seine and the building got more Neoclassical feel.

Where is Palais Bourbon: 126 Rue de l’Universite, Invalides and Eiffel Tower Quarter, arrondissement 7

How to get to Palais Bourbon: By metro line 12 to Assemblée-Nationale station or RER-C to Invalides station.

Assemblee Nationale Palais Bourbon Paris

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