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Latin Quarter - The colorful Latin Quarter is has always been dominated by students and even the name has its roots in the 13th century. The students who used to live here were speaking only Latin – hence the Latin Quarter. The La Sorbonne established in 1253 is located here. The Latin Quarter is home of numerous book shops, boutiques and cafes and of course the Panthéon.

The Pantheon is not far from the Sorbonne University and the Jardin du Luxembourg across the river Seine. It was built in 1744 by Louis XV who recovered from an illness and decided to build the Pantheon to honor St. Genevieve.

The construction of this Neoclassical building started in 1764 and was completed in 1790. The structure of the Pantheon greatly resembles the Pantheon in Rome. The dome is 83meters (279ft) high and is similar to the St. Paul's dome in London.

A lot of great people were buried in the Pantheon and have tombs there - Among them are Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, Pierre and Marie Curie, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The Foucault's Pendulum inside the Pantheon is one of the most majestic sights worth the 7 Euro entrance fee!
La Sorbonne Paris
La Sorbonne, Paris

Where is the Pantheon: Latin Quarter, Place du Panthéon, arrondissement 5

How to get to the Pantheon: By metro line 10 to Cardinal Lemoine or Maubert Mutualité stations.

Opening hours: Daily form 10AM to 6PM.

Pantheon Paris

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