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The Augustiner Bräustübl or Augustinian Brewery is a legendary beer garden in Salzburg. The garden is a self-catered and beer is poured in stein mugs straight from the barrel. The former Augustinerkloster is the abbey responsible for the Augustinian Brewery. The abbey was founded in 1605 for the Augustinian hermits. The mill is situated in the old abbey buildings, together with other facilities and the Müllner Stadtpfarrkirche, which is an old monastic and present parish church. Müllner Stadtpfarrkirche or the ‘church by the mills’ is first mentioned in written documents in 1148 and found next to the Augustinian Brewery. The new church, designed by Heinrich Murauer and Ulrich Dankl, was opened in 1453. It was given by Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau to the hermits who arrived in the new abbey. The church’s main altar contains Rococo, Baroque, and Gothic elements. The brewery itself is decorated with two statues, one of St. Benedict and the other of St. Augustinus. The large gate of the building is adorned with stucco decorations. The Archbishop’s coat of arms is found beyond the arch and between saints.

The Augustiner Bräustübl consists of a beer garden and numerous beer halls. They are crowded in the summers. Arcades organized as a market square sell snacks and food, but tourists can bring their own food as well. The beer is served in ceramic mugs. If you run your mug under the cold water of the fountain it gives in even better taste. It keeps the mug and the beer cooler. To get a beer, visitors should order a token from the cashier and make the queue.

Traditional methods are used to brew the beer, and brewing here is still regarded a craft. The production of the beer takes sixteen weeks, and only quality raw materials are used: hops, malt, and water. The mash is cooled down in a cooling vessel. Open fermentation tubes are used for the primary fermentation, and yeast is added at the end of the fermentation process. The lagering cellar is the place where the beer ripens and clarifies. The bitters, proteins, and yeast settle down here. The horizontal storage and the sufficient storage time allow a mild, fine-foamed carbon dioxide to form. The beer is filtered through a cotton filter as to preserve its valuable ingredients. It is then poured into wooden barrels at the Bottling cellar. It is important to note that the beer is brewed manually and in accordance with the Purity Law of 1516. Only natural materials are used and no preservatives are added. The beer is stored in barrels of different sizes – 15, 20, and 50 liters – for various feasts. Three sorts of beer are preferred by the brewery’s visitors: Lenten beer, Marzen beer, and Christmas Bock beer. For the beer lovers this beer cellar is well worth your visit.

The Augustinian Brewery is situated close to the city center, in the western district. It can be reached by foot or public transport. Buses No. 7, 8, 20, and 27 leave from the train station, and bus 28 can be taken from stop Landeskrankenhaus. Those who arrive by car can park in the beer garden’s large car park.

When the weather is warm you can enjoy the shady outdoor beergarden under the chestnut trees. Augustiner Brewery accommodates more than 1000 visitors.

Augustinian Brewery Salzburg

Augustinian Brewery Salzburg

Where is Augustiner Brewery: Augustinergasse 4

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