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The Franciscan church Franziskanerkirche in Salzburg was built in the 8th century and later rebuilt in late-Romanesque style in the 13th century. The Romanesque choir was replaced with a Gothic one in the early 15th century, and a Gothic tower was built between 1468 and 1498. The interior of the church was decorated in baroque style in the 18th century.

Until 1635, the Franciscan church functioned as a parish church and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Archbishop ordered that the tower’s top be removed because it was higher that the tower of the cathedral. The church was restored again in 1866 in a neo-gothic style.

The mixture of architectural styles in the Franciscan church makes it an attractive landmark. The nave is built in a Romanesque style, and a marble lion from the 12th century stands at the steps of the pulpit. The tall gothic choir is well-lit, and slender purple-colored columns support it, reaching up to an intricately decorated rib vault. Nine chapels from the 18th century are sheltered by the choir. They are decorated by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach in a baroque style. The Trinity Chapel is the fifth chapel, dating back to 1561. Situated behind the high altar, the easternmost chapel holds a winged altar of marble, which was built in 1561.

The high altar, also created by Fischer von Erlach, is a work of art from gold and red marble. The statue of Madonna is situated in the central part of the church and predates the other ornaments, being a sculpture from the late gothic period. The sculpture is a creation of Michael Pacher of Tyrol. The Franciscan Friary is found to the south, opposite the church. The oldest artwork at Franziskanerkirche is a 12th-century marble lion.

Rebuilt in the 13th century, the Franciscan church is a Catholic church of the Franciscan order. It is among the oldest churches in the town of Salzburg and was originally called ‘Unser Lieber Frau’ (Our Beloved Lady). The first restoration of the church was carried out in the 8th century according to historical records. The plans for the restoration works were made by Bishop Virgil who used the church for baptisms. The church’s building was part of the St. Peter Abbey until 1139.

The church and its five chapels were destroyed in a fire and only the nave has survived. It was incorporated in the new building in 1408. Construction works started under the builder and architect Hans von Burghausen and were finished by Stephan Krumenauer in 1461. The names of Stephan Krumenauer and Hans von Burghausen are perpetuated, written on one of the church’s columns.

Visitors of Salzburg are eager the listen to the song of the church’s bells. The Marien-bell can be heard every Friday at 3 pm, commemorating the death of Jesus Christ. The Armeseelen-bell chimes after curfew every day.

The Franciscan church was partly restored in 1983. Franziskanerkirche remains the most popular church for prayer for the people of Salzburg.

Where is Franziskanerkirche: Franziskanergasse / Sigmund Haffner Gasse; connected to the Residenz Palace.

How to get to Franziskanerkirche: By bus 1, 2, 15, 29

Opening Hours: Daily

Franziskanerkirche Salzburg Franciscan Church
Franziskanerkirche, Salzburg

Franziskanerkirche Salzburg Franciscan Church

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