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Berkeley is home to the well-respected University of California at Bekeley, just a few minutes away from the limits of San Francisco. This bustling city has its own distinct neighborhoods that encompass the older hippie counter-culture, a new upscale shopping district and family neighborhoods in the Berkeley Hills. Every college town has a vibrant center of shops and restaurants catering to college students, and Berkeley is no exception.

Many of the former hippies of San Francisco's Haight neighborhood now make their home in Berkeley. The length of Telegraph Avenue is full of street people selling homemade jewelry, tie-dyed, t-shirts and anything else you can imagine, with an occasional, small, protest demonstration erupting. If you want a taste of a California style hippie enclave, then this section of Berkeley will fit the bill.

Other areas of Berkeley have been refurbished, especially the wonderful outdoor shopping mall featured along Fourth Street. Some of the unique shops to be found there are: Molly b., for women's clothing, Anthropolgie, for everything else, and such notables as Crate and Barrel and Dansk.

For a change of pace away from the college and shopping crowds, the Tilden Regional Park, in the Berkeley Hills neighborhood offers hiking and biking trails, a freshwater lake and an old-fashioned steam engine train for the children. A children's science museum, the Lawrence Hall of Science, is also worth a visit, even if you don't have children.
Berkeley University
Where is Berkeley University: Berkeley, California

How to get to Berkeley University: By BART (Subway)to Downtown Berkeley station

Visit the University of California at Bekeley official web site here.

Also very well respected is the University of California Los Angeles - UCLA
Berkeley University
Berkeley University Campus

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