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San Francisco's Coit Tower sits at the very top of Telegraph Hill in the North Beach neighborhood, built in 1933 with a bequest from wealthy socialite, Lillie Hitchcock Coit whom was an avid supporter of local firefighters. The 210-foot tower serves as a memorial for fallen firefighters that has become a featured landmark, looming up through the famous San Francisco fog offering a point of reference for residents and visitors.

Architects Arthur Brown and Henry Howard designed Coit Tower. Arthur Brown also designed the magnificent San Francisco City Hall. The Tower is surrounded by Pioneer Park that is itself, an excellent spot to view the city skyline and the Golden Gate and Bay bridges. Walking is the best way to reach the top of Telegraph Hill, as traffic is often brutal and the parking lot small.

Once you reach the top of Telegraph Hill, an elevator inside Coit Tower takes you to the top for an amazing panoramic view of the city skyline, best viewed later in the day right before sunset, when the ever present San Francisco fog has burned off. Take some time to examine and appreciate the amazing 1930s Public Works' depression era, art murals rendered by local artists that cover the lobby walls of Coit Tower. The 26 murals are colorful and bold in the Diego Rivera style, which realistically depict the hard lives of working people during The Great Depression.

Where is Coit Tower: Telegraph Hill in the North Beach

How to get to Coit Tower: By Bus 39

Opening Hours: 10AM to 6PM

Coit Tower San Francisco

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