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San Francisco's Nob Hill neighborhood, encompassing Mason, Polk and Post Streets, is known as an exclusive enclave of the wealthy. This neighborhood received its name during the turn of the century when residents coined the rich robber barons, in their ornate mansions at the top of the hill, "nobs". The devastating 1906 earthquake destroyed all the mansions and many of the robber barons themselves. This neighborhood now is home to some of the most expensive hotels in the city, with upscale shops, restaurants and expensive homes.

Be prepared for a long walk up a steep hill to reach this San Francisco neighborhood, or better yet take a cable car. The Cable Car Museum is located in Nob Hill, in the cable car power station and has a nice exhibit of old cable cars and their history in San Francisco. You can also see the cable cars return to the barn at the end of the day. Huntington Park was once the home of one of the wealthy robber barons, Collis P. Huntington who lost his life and mansion during the earthquake. This property is now home to a lovely park featuring a lit fountain that is a replica of the Roman Fountain of the Tortoises.

Some other landmarks not to miss in this neighborhood: The Grace Cathedral, with its beautiful architecture and stained glass windows, the Fairmont Hotel, a Beau-Arts Building from the early 1900s, The Pacific Union Club, once known as the Flood Mansion, and is one of the only surviving Nob Hill mansions from the earthquake. Two upscale restaurants are popular for a special meal, Top of the Mark and Le Colonial. For a fun and different kind of evening, visit the famous Tiki inspired bar at the Fairmont Hotel, that features, over the top ambience of floating ceiling mist and an indoor lagoon.
Fairmont Hotel Nob Hill San Francisco
Where is Nob Hill: Between Polk, Post, Washington, and Mason Streets

How to get to Nob Hill: Cable Car California Line or Bus 1,27

Grace Cathedral Nob Hill San Francisco
Grace Cathedral, Nob Hill, San Francisco

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