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The Transamerica Pyramid building has been a recognizable addition to the San Francisco skyline since the early 1970s, when the building was completed. Like any other innovative idea or design, the pyramid design of the building was derided as garish and not in keeping with the style of the city's historic skyline. Located at Montgomery Street, in the business center of San Francisco, the unique pyramid shape was originally designed by the architect, William L. Pereira, to get the most office space in the building, and still be in compliance with city zoning regulations.

Today this pyramid like structure, covered with sparkling, white quartz aggregate, and topped with a tall spire constructed from aluminum, is the tallest building in San Francisco that defines the San Francisco skyline and the city itself, as does the Golden Gate Bridge and other architectural landmarks. The original observation deck is closed, but instead a virtual observation experience is available to visitors by 24 hour cameras, with monitors placed in the lobby. Some factual notes about the Transamerica Pyramid Building:

The Transamerica is 48 stories and 260 meters tall. The Aluminian spire adds an additional 64 meters to its height.
The Transamerica building has 3,678 windows.
The building is the 98th tallest building in the world.
The Transamerica contains 18 elevators, but only two stop at the executive suite offices on the top floors.
The Transamerica company's headquarters are located across the street from the pyramid building, it uses as its company brand and logo.

Where is Transamerica Pyramid: 600 Montgomery Street

How to get to Transamerica Pyramid: By Bus 1,15, 42 or BART to Montgomery Street Station

Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco
Transamerica Pyramid, San Francisco
Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco

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