San Francisco Neighbourhoods and Real Estate

One of the most notable San Francisco neighborhoods is Alamo Square. This neighborhood features Victorian architecture as well as more modern buildings. There is a vibrant green park here, from the center of which you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. The San Francisco real estate you find here is worth investing in. For example, a four-unit building in the elite business area of the neighborhood costs $1,295,000. This may seem like a lot, but each unit is comprised of a living room, dining room, kitchen, bath and bedroom, as well as an extra room that usually serves as a bedroom. Each room is spacious and airy. At least 18 people can live here, so the returns on the purchase will be very good when you decide to rent the place out. You may get two two-car tandem garages under the building plus four one-car garages in a separate place behind the building.

San Francisco’s Bayview area “boasts” a high crime rate and cultural diversity. An average house here costs $330,295. A major redevelopment project here involves the building of recreational, commercial, and residential areas.

At the other end of the specter is the Corona Heights neighborhood, located next to Corona Heights hill and park and Buena Vista Park. The park is featured in Fritz Leiber’s horror novel Our Lady of Darkness of 1977. If you plan to buy a property in the area, this should not make you reconsider. The park is home to butterflies, native reptiles, and other species, which animal lovers will love observing.

What properties are there on sale? If you are looking for San Francisco condos, for example, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo with an area of 1,690 sq feet will cost you around $1,130,000. This is a great offer considering the location. Even though the buildings may be rather old (some date from the 1970s), they have undergone full renovation. With one such offer, the top floor offers a living and dining room with very high ceilings. There is a variety of San Francisco hotels in the Corona Heights neighborhood, including motels, apartments, and hotels. Nearby places include the Best Western Civic Center Motor Inn and the San Francisco Central Travelodge.

Dolores Heights is situated in the vicinity of Dolores Park, The Castro, Noe Valley, and Upper Market. This is the highest neighborhood in the city and as a result, it does not have a problem with drifters (they are too lazy to climb that high). It also offers pleasant, fogless weather for this reason. What benefits do you get from investing here? Dolores Heights is close to the Dolores Park. There is a basketball court, a couple of tennis courts, a dog play area, and a children’s playground. The park’s southern part is notable for its nice views of the Mission district.

Golden Gate Heights is located in the vicinity of the Inner Sunset and Forest Hill. This is a lovely green area with prime real estate.

The Oceanview neighborhood, also known as Lakeview, is home to an ethnically mixed population of 45,000. Almost half of the residents are of Asian-American origin. Here you can get a single-family house with two bedrooms for a mere $410,000. The majority of real estate for sale here is bank-owned. This is due to the fact that the area has attracted people of humble means historically, who remain of such means to this day, and banks have ended up foreclosing on entire blocks of the neighborhood. However, buying real estate here is not much of an investment, because you are not likely to attract stable, long-term tenants.