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Union Square Plaza is centrally located in San Francisco's urban center with Stockton, Powell, Geary and Post Streets defining this beautiful, public space and shopper's paradise. You will find all the major department stores here, as well as higher end designer boutiques, and chain stores. World-class restaurants, nightclubs, a thriving theatre district and art galleries make Union Square the place to be.

The most striking feature of Union Square is the tall, delicate 90-foot monument crowned with a bronze statue of the Goddess of Victory, sculpted by Robert Aitken. It was constructed in 1903, as a monument to Admiral Dewey's victory in the Spanish American War. This monument was one of the few structures left standing in the square, after the earthquake of 1906, when Union Square was rebuilt into a shopping district. The square received its name because of the Civil War conflict, when Union sympathizers used the square for recruitment of soldiers. Union Square is also recognized for building the first underground parking garage in the 1940s.
The City of San Francisco completely renovated Union Square Plaza in 2002, creating a European style piazza, with a concert stage, a café, and seating, transforming this public space into a lively meeting place. Free concerts and art shows are offered on the plaza throughout the summer months.

Where is Union Square: Between Powell, Post, Geary and Stockton Streets

How to get to Union Square: By BART to Powell Street Station, Cable Car – Powell –Hyde line, or Street car or bus# 2,3,4,30,J,K,L,M

Union Square San Francisco

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