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San Francisco's Lombard Street, deemed the "crookedest" Street in the world, is an oddity that has become one of the top tourist landmarks in San Francisco. This steep section of Lombard Street in the Russian Hill neighborhood between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets was re-engineered in the 1920s with eight sharp turns, so automobiles of the day could traverse the steep slope. It was paved with brick and landscaped with gardens, with the result of a crooked, yet beautiful section of street graced with gorgeous Victorian homes.

The best way to visit Lombard Street is by cable car that will drop you off at the top of Lombard Street. A walk down the street with its sharp switchbacks is an experience that offers rewards, as you reach the bottom and look up towards the top of Lombard Street, to get a real appreciation of its steepness and extreme curves. The bottom of Lombard Street is popular with photographers looking to capture the ultimate shot of the crooked, hilly street.

If you decide to brave a drive down this one-way section of Lombard Street, be forewarned that it is usually packed bumper to bumper with tourists during the summer months. Tourists sit in their cars for hours at times, perched at the top of the hill waiting their turn to drive down the crookedest street in the world.
Lombard Street San Francisco
How to get to Lombard Street: By Cable Car –Powell-Hyde line
Lombard Street San Francisco

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Flo says:
Lombard is indeed the crookedest street I've ever seen. It's fun to drive there. I walked up on Hyde Street to Lombard Street and had muscle ache for the next 2 days - it is so unbelievably steep! But the view was worth it!