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San Francisco's Yerba Buena Gardens are the stunning result of a vision by city planners to refurbish an unsightly section of the city that was once home to abandoned buildings and homeless people. The two Yerba Buena Gardens locations now offer an open space esplanade with gardens, a waterfall and space for picnicking. The waterfall serves as a memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr. There is also a terraced garden area beautifully designed with sculpture, that represents all 13 of San Francisco's worldwide sister cities.

The esplanade section often hosts free, lunchtime summer concerts for area office workers to enjoy during the weekdays. On the rooftop of the Moscone Convention Center you can find play land for children and indoor ice-skating arena; bowling alley, hands-on children's museum, playground and carousel, are also located in this section of the gardens.

This area of the Yerba Buena Gardens also is the location of the busy Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, that offers free performances in the in the summer and fall months, of music, dance, and theatre for all ages.
Yerba Buena Gardens San Francisco
Where is Yerba Buena Gardens: Between Mission, Third, Folsom and Fourth Streets

How to get to Yerba Buena Gardens: By bus 9, 14, 30, 45 and streetcar J,K,L

For more information on current events visit the Yerba Buena web site.

Yerba Buena Gardens San Francisco

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