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Chrysler Building - Everybody knows that New York has a lot of skyscrapers but did you know there was a competition who will build the tallest one? Well, Chrysler Building is not making an exception. It was the tallest building in New York for a short while too. The Chrysler Building is 319 metres tall (1,047 ft), and is a beautiful example of Art Deco architecture. It was designed by architect William Van Alen in the 1930's to be the headquarters of the Chrysler Corporation.

The Chrysler Building is well recognized for its terraced crown having 7 radiating arches with triangular vaulted windows. There was a public viewing gallery on the 71st floor, but it was closed to the public back in 1945.

Today the Chrysler Building is indeed one of the finest skyscrapers and an iconic part of the New York City skyline. Its Ard Deco Lobby is worth visiting.

Chrysler Building is now owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1976.

Where is Chrysler Building: 405 Lexington Avenue at 42nd Street.

How to get to Chrysler Building: Subway S,4,5,6,7 to Grand Central.

Chrysler Building New York
Chrysler Building, New York

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Karen says:
I guess after selling it out to Arab Emiriates, we can no longer consider this to be a historic AMERICAN landmark!