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Trinity Church was consecrated in 1697 with a grant from King William III of England. The church that we see today is the third building on the same location built 1846. It was designed by the architect Richard Upjohn in Neo-Gothic style and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

During the Great Depression Trinity church gained control over the buildings on its own land by paying the taxes and mortgages owed by the defaulted owners and now has possession of 26 commercial buildings in Lower Manhattan.

Where is Trinity Church: Lower Manhattan, intersection of Broadway and Wall Street.

How to get to Trinity Church: Subway 1,R,W to Wall Street.
Opening Hours: Daily from 7am 6pm
Saturday - 8am - 4-pm
Sunday 7am 4pm
Trinity Church New York
Trinity Church, New York

Trinity Church New York
Trinity Church view from Wall Street, New York

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