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Wall Street is a symbol of trade and moneymaking. This narrow street is in the heart of the financial district in New York City.

In the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century Wall Street was already a place for the big business in the financial world. Buildings quickly sprang and formed the new skyline of Manhattan.

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is where the really serious action is. It dates from the 18th century where people and merchants were gathering under a buttonwood tree to trade bonds. In 1903 the traders moved into the current building of NYSE designed by George Post.

Across from NYSE is the Federal Hall with George Washington monument in the front. The building was originally designed to house the City Hall.

The Trump Building on 40 Wall Street is rich in history and variety of owners. It is now owned by Donald Trump and is a commercial building despite his hopes to convert it to half-residential half-commercial.

Where is Wall Street: Financial district in Manhattan, Lower Manhattan

How to get to Wall Street: Subway 2,3 to Wall Street station
Wall Street New York
Wall Street, New York

Wall Street New York
New York Stock Exchange

Wall Street Federal Hall New York
Wall Street Federal Hall, New York

Wall Street New York
Wall Street, New York

40 Wall Street New York
40 Wall Street New York, The Trump Building

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